Volume 71

Issue 1—November 2022

Issue 2—December 2022

Issue 3 (forthcoming)

  • Tessa R. Davis, Amy H. Soled & Jay A. Soled, Revisiting the Tax Treatment of Alimony
  • Benjamin E. Rosenberg, The Abrogation of Corporate Privilege in Cases Against Employees
  • Griffin Albaugh, Independent Contractors and Camouflaged Violations: Where the Fair Credit Reporting Act’s “Employment Purposes” Provision Ends and Employer Liability Begins
  • Alex Speakar, Without Safety a House is not a Home: The Gaps Creating Injustice in Court’s Application of Title VII Analysis to Sexual Harassment Claims Under the FHA
  • Sarah Schmitz, The Percentage Problem: The Admissibility of Expert Testimony Applying Differential Diagnosis to Idiopathic Diseases