Volume 71

Issue 1—November 2022

Issue 2—December 2022

Issue 3—March 2023

Issue 4—Symposium (Forthcoming)

  • Catherine E. Smith, Keynote Speech: “Children’s Equality Law” in the Age of Parents’ Rights
  • Gillian R. Chadwick, The Noncitizen Parent Trap: How Abuse Victims Become Stuck Between Family Court and Immigration Law
  • Neoshia R. Roemer, ­Equal Protection for the Beneficiaries (Parents) of Colonialism
  • Charisa Smith, When COVID Capitalism Silences Children

Issue 5—Kansas (Forthcoming)

  • Richard E. Levy, Dubious Propositions: Misleading Ballot Language and Constitutional Amendments in Kansas
  • Honorable Kevin M. Smith, Independent Parental Fitness Experts in Child In Need of Care (CINC) Cases: More Objectivity in Parental Termination Cases is in Everyone’s Best Interests
  • M.H. Hoeflich & Stephen Sheppard, The Mystery of the Leavenworth Oaths
  • Chris Birzer, Kansas’s Unworkable Approach to Third-Party Felony Murder
  • Drew Elizabeth Davis, The Oldest Trick in the Book: Using Kansas’s Free Speech Clause to Guarantee the Freedom to Read in School Libraries