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“Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace”: Appellate Advocacy Basics in the World of Criminal Procedure

Defendant’s constitutional claims abandoned because he “failed to adequately brief” the issues.

Prosecutorial Error May Occur During Sentencing Proceedings

State v. Wilson, No. 114,567 (Kan. Dec. 14, 2018) Issue: Under the 14th Amendment, a criminal defendant has a due process right to a fair trial. Can a prosecutor’s error, made outside the jury trial context, violate this due process right? Answer: Yes, prosecutorial …

Simultaneous Consideration No Longer Required for Kansas Homicide Instructions

State v. Sims, No. 115,038 (Kan. Nov. 30, 2018) Issue: The Kansas Supreme Court has previously held that courts must instruct juries to consider both greater and lesser offenses simultaneously in homicide cases. After years of criticism, should courts still require simultaneous instructions? Answer: No. Requiring …