Tag: Motion to Suppress

Every Breath(alyzer) You Take…Ask for an Attorney

Drew Elizabeth Davis, Staff Editor

Kansas Court of Appeals holds and officer must honor an individual’s request for counsel before the breathalyzer test is administered. If the officer disregards the request, the breathalyzer results must be suppressed at trial.

Admissibility of Breath Tests: Must an Intoxilyzer 9000 Operator Check a Subject’s Mouth?

Hayley Koontz, Staff Editor

The Kansas Court of Appeals affirms updated regulations do not require the breath test operator to check a the subjects mouth for the breath test to be admissible as evidence.

Searching for the Seriously Injured

Kansas v. Fisher, No. 120,031 (Kan. Ct. App. Nov. 8, 2019) Issue: The emergency aid exception to the Fourth Amendment’s bar on warrantless searches requires an objectively reasonable belief that someone injured is inside. Can officers comply with …