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The Clock Starts Now: Kansas Supreme Court Rules Defendants are Now Entitled to Jail Time Credit for All Time They Spend Incarcerated While Their Cases are Pending Disposition.

State v. Hopkins, No. 124,851, 2023 WL 6933634 (Kan. Oct. 20, 2023). Clayton Anderson, Staff Editor Issue:  Is an award of jail-time credit limited to the time a defendant spends in custody “solely” on the charge that is …

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Mootness After Sentence Completion: A Prudential Analysis

Under Kansas law, a petitioner’s appeal to correct an illegal sentence is moot if the sentence is already complete, unless there is a collateral injury that the motion can correct.

Courts Don’t Have to Explain Denials of Downward Departures

State v. Powell, No. 115,457 (Kan. Aug. 24, 2018). Issue: Jessica’s law imposes specific sentences for sex crimes against minors. The court may lessen the sentence if it finds substantial and compelling reasons to do so. However, it cannot …